Rebecca Wolfram

possession painting with felines
Domestication, 16"x22"

slaughter of cowsAbatoire 30"x40"

sheep sacrifice
Sheep, Children, Blood, 16"x22"

wolfram rabbit paintingSome and not Others,
 30" x 40

An Apparatus of Instruction
Apparatus of Instruction, 31"x38"

ritual object, boli from Mali
Ritual Object, 31"x38"

Yellow Abecedary
Yellow Abecedary, 16"x22"

wolfram umbilical paintingInto the Dangerous World,
 16" x 22

sacrifice camp painting
Sacrifice Camp, 22"x30"

malign arena
Malign Arena, 18"x24"

We Declare Our Dominion
We Declare Our Dominion, 16"x22"

incomplete taxidermy
 Preparing, 30" x 40"
"Painting is the only art that can be practiced without either talent or hard work" - George Orwell