Rebecca Wolfram

Museum of Objects Left On the Sidewalk
The Museum was opened in 2005. The original shelves of the Museum were salvaged from the alley and fastened to the iron fence in front of my house. Exhibits put on the shelves were labeled: “toxic material” (like oil and antifreeze containers, which were the most egregiously evil things lying around), “beverages,” “cylindrical objects,” etc. Passersby soon began to contribute and rearrange things. People paid attention and asked questions.


The Gift Shop was opened later.    
It is for gifts.

The second incarnation was a large blackboard on which things could be hung and written.


The Museum Archives consists of drawings of past exhibits.


In the summer of 2010 the Museum was completely rebuilt, having disintegrated beyond repair. A grant from the Puffin Foundation made this possible. It now has display shelves, and also a set of blackboards for people to write and draw on. It has seen a flow of contributions from anonymous donors since the reconstruction.